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Thousands came to the Friends of Ropner Park Spring and food fair. The Jubilee Celebration on Sunday June 5th. should be equally memorable with Mike McGrother entertaining on the bandstand.

Photographs of the Friends of Ropner Park Spring and Food Fair


They say that dinosaurs died out millions of years ago..

So why have they been seen recently in Ropner Park? … Find out more

The Swans too are aware that Spring is here. Tony took this video of their courtship.

Look out for the nest and cygnets on one of the islands

Keep fit and join the “Beat the Street”game

Beat the Street is a free, fun, walking and cycling game which gets staff, pupils and their families out and about in the local area, having fun and keeping healthy.  Card readers called ‘Beat Boxes’ will be positioned around Stockton-on-Tees. More information

Ropner Park Heritage Trail

The friends of Ropner Park have prepared a booklet to encourage people to walk round the park and appreciate the stories behind the features. The walk takes about an hour.

Heritage Trail booklets, price £1, are available in the cafe.

We know it`s special

The Ropner Park fountain has been added to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.

This link gives the details http://services.historicengland.org.uk/webfiles/GetFiles.aspx?av=31F3B934-DF5C-43D2-9D42-C28BDF8D52E5&cn=367606C0-61DF-4C2C-9873-5FFD9B9CCEB8

Tony Crossen

Everyone who visits Ropner park bumps into Tony at some stage. In his high viz jacket, Tony looks after Ropner Park and its visitors like the Park keepers used to do many years ago.

He has deservedly won a Community Champion Award and has received a luxury hamper. There was an informal ceremony outside the café at on Wednesday 8th December.

Tony was unable to be there for this ceremony but the award was presented by Father Christmas at the FoRP Christmas Fair.

A special present for Tony

Link to overhead images of Ropner Park taken by Barry Skeldon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=678tfMFqxRU&t=12s

Look out for the birds in Ropner Park.

Please keep your dog on a leash in sensitive areas of the park.

Bird Photos

While I was in Ropner Park trying unsuccessfully to take photos of the birds feeding I turned round and there was Mark Williams with a proper camera and a monstrous Zoom Lens. Mark has kindly sent us some of his photos. I have made up a page of birds in and around the lake. Brian Scrafton

Have a look at some amazing photos

Mother Nature plays her part. These fungi add to the decor.


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