FoRP Volunteer Group

FoRP Volunteer Group usually meets regularly once a month, however due to the Coronavirus regulations we have not been able to do so for a while.  Now, however, we are hoping to start up again in May and in order to allow as many members as possible to attend we vary the days each month.

Everyone enjoys the good social atmosphere in the cafe and the group helps to organise the events and to provide volunteers for the stalls. If you are interested in joining the craft group please contact          vicki nicholson

Food Parcels

During the enforced lockdown many of the volunteers have been helping with deliveries of food parcels to nearby schools. It has been hard, but rewarding work and once the word went round money kept coming in meaning that the scheme can run until May.

There have also been significant contributions from the Co-op, Sainsbury`s and Morrisons.

Parcels ready for delivery


FoRP will be unable to organise any events and concerts until the late summer. We are keen to start and will post any developments on our Facebook page and website.