Beat the Street in Stockton

Keep fit and join the “Beat the Street” game

Beat the Street was a free, fun, walking and cycling game which got staff, pupils and their families out and

about in the local area, having fun and keeping healthy.  Card readers called ‘Beat Boxes’ were

positioned around Stockton. Players used contactless game cards to hover over these Beat Boxes

scoring points which sat on individual and school leaderboards that were viewed online.

Ropner Park had its own Beat Box and the cafe was used as a distribution point for the cards.

The game went live on Tuesday 2nd March and has now ended.

The mayor of Stockton Councillor Kevin Faulks met with park dog walkers, cyclists and park users

in Ropner Park on 28th January for the launch of Beat the Street

The YouTube video explains how it works.

Explanatory video
The mayor joins the group in Ropner Park
Dogs and walkers
Easy as buying a cup of coffee in the cafe