The Ropner Park cafe which is run by the Friends of Ropner Park is open at 10 o`clock every day for take-aways only. Latest cafe news

The flowers beds on the main drive are full of colour in April

Exciting news on Sculptures

The Ropner Owl is a striking feature overlooking the Ropner Park lake. FoRP has been in talks with Stockton Council to add to the sculptures. There will be three more figures around the lake, a castle, a wizard and a dragon Details

Birds are in abundance in Ropner Park. This cormorant was spotted in a tree overlooking the lake. Parakeets are regular visitors. Tony Crossen sent the photo below

Please keep your dog on a leash in sensitive areas of the park, especially round the lake while the birds are nesting.

Bird Photos

While I was in Ropner Park trying unsuccessfully to take photos of the birds feeding I turned round and there was Mark Williams with a proper camera and a monstrous Zoom Lens. Mark has kindly sent us some of his photos. I have made up a page of birds in and around the lake. Brian Scrafton

Have a look at some amazing photos

Mother Nature plays her part. These fungi add to the decor.

A letter from America. We have been delighted to receive a letter and donation from Mr. Paul Dee who is now living in America. Full Story

Community activities

Lockdown has meant that FoRP`s normal activities have been curtailed but many of our members have been helping people in the community who are struggling at the moment. Hundreds of food parcels have been distributed. 
The needy have been identified through "Little Sprouts" and our connections with the Asian community. 
Finance has been provided by the Coop and individual donors. Morrisons have been very helpful and have given discounts on the items bought which means that our money has gone a long way to helping as many as possible.


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