What a difference a week makes

The arced flower beds at the back of the fountain have always been a focal point of the floral decorations in Ropner Park. Before the council was forced to tighten its belt these beds gave us some amazing floral tributes of topical events. Although we cannot expect these costly images any more, the beds are still kept to a high standard.

This year things went wrong!. In the central bed, wildflower seeds were sown and next to them were beds of marigolds

Early July The wildflower seeds failed to germinate.

The wildflower seed did not give the spread of colour that had been anticipated and the slugs had a beanfeast on the marigolds stripping them down to half dead trunks.

We pointed this out to council officials who promised to take action.

Begonias and geraniums bring summer colour

Within the week the beds had been replanted with begonias and geraniums. The dignity of this important feature of Ropner Park has been restored.

We would like to thank Stockton Council for its prompt and welcome response