Space for trees, Sat. 21st. Jan


Pupils from Oxbridge Primary School plant a Cherry tree in Ropner Park.

The pupils pose for a group photo.

Some of the pupils read out their project work.

The Silver Singers entertained throughout the ceremony.

Here is the background to the event

Before Yuri Gagarin left Earth and became the first human being in space, he planted a tree at the site he would launch from. Since 1961 hundreds of astronauts from all over the world have followed this tradition and planted a tree in the same place.
Inspired by this long standing tradition, artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent replicated this ceremony in Ropner Park, along with community groups and primary schools in Stockton. The event sat within a programme of workshops and talks about sustainability, and how the idea of leaving Earth helps us look back at how we are living now and how we might live in the future.

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