Mike McGrother will busk in Ropner Park

Mike is doing a charity walk around Stockton and will be in Ropner Park on Thursday 7th. Decrmber.

He will be busking in front of the cafe on Tuesday 12th. December.

In Mike`s words, here is what it is all about

“This week and next I am doing a series of walks and ‘busking’ gigs that are for a number of things. It links back to my world war 1 ongoing commemoration in which we encourage people to remember those killed from Stockton whilst also remembering those in need amongst us.

This week each walk ‘remembers’ a specific soldier and as I walk I am leaving a ‘symbol’ of their life together with an envelope that contains their story and a reminder to help those living in our community who we might forget.

On Thursday my walk passes through Ropner Park and, in keeping with the memorial to the merchant sea farers I would like to leave a small artefact that users of the cafe can look at and read the story of a merchant seaman called Thomas Humphreys.

He lived in Varo Terrace in town and undoubtedly would have played in the park as a lad. His story would be accompanied with a cigar (he was a cigar maker!) and within the envelope there is a link to the project facebook page referring to a film / song that will be released on Christmas eve. That is the short version haha. I would love the cafe to ‘hold’ Thomas’ story and staff encourage people to share the project with visitors Brill.

Also.. if possible. I know it won’t be busy but on Tuesday 12th I am passing by promoting The Gift by busking (for no money) to encourage people to donate. Could I do 20 mins outside the cafe at lunchtime en route to Hartburn shops? I would have an ‘a board’ and flyers to explain and it is backed by the council.”

Mike is asking if the café can “host” a small artefact and a small written history of him in the café (apparently he used to be a cigar maker), and ask the staff to draw peoples attention to it, and the link to the project facebook page.
> There will be a film associated with the project released on facebook on Christmas Eve.