FoRP Volunteer Group

Unfortunately meetings are not taking place at present. However Vicki Nicholson is collecting information and sending out newsletters regularly.If you would like to be included please contact Vicki.

FoRP Volunteer Group meets regularly once a month. The days vary so that all members can attend.

Everyone enjoys the good social atmosphere in the cafe. As well as making craftworks for sale, the group helps to organise the events and to provide volunteers for the stalls. If you are interested in joining the craft group contact          vicki nicholson

Volunteer group meetings 2020

9.30 – 11.30am. in the Ropner Park café

January Monday13th         June Tuesday 30th
February Tuesday 4th       July Wednesday 22nd
March Wednesday 4th      September Friday 4th
April Thursday 2nd            October Thursday 1st
May Friday 1st                     November Monday 2nd
June Monday 1st                 November Thursday 26th

Some of the above event dates may be subject to change
Thank you to everyone for your continued support. It is very much appreciated.