Co-operative Funding for Sculpture Trail

The Co-Op stores in Stockton have raised over Ā£4,000 towards the FoRP sculpture trail around Ropner Park (now called “Stories from the park”). The first sculpture “The Ropner Owl” wasĀ  placed in the morning of Tuesday April 30th. near to the park lake.Ā 

The statue was officially unveiled by the Mayor of Stockton Cllr, Eileen Johnson at the Spring Fair on May 5th 2019.

The first statue, facing the lake is very impressive. FoRP is still one of the co-ops preferred charities so funds are still being gathered to build further artworks.Ā 

FoRP and Stockton Council are planning further artworks in Ropner Park.

They could be in place towards the end of 2020.

How can you help?

The co-op scheme works like this.

If you take out a co-op card, just like a Tesco or a Sainsbury’s card andĀ register it online. When you register, there is an option to select a local cause which you would like to support. If you choose FoRP, money gradually accrues to our charity.

When you spend in store, 5% of selected products,Ā  usually their own brands, goes to the person spending and 1% goes to their chosen cause.

Representatives of charitiesĀ  chosen for this year`s donations

You can find the information in the Ā Co-op community fund projects.

If you haven’t already got a co-op loyalty card, please consider taking one out. It is a very easy process online and you can support FoRP at no extra cost.

Let`s all join the Co-op.