Co-operative funding

Hartburn Co-op has put us on the list of one of the local charities that they support. The sums have been adding up for some time and at the moment FoRP will gain more than £400.

We can all help the fund to grow

The co-op scheme works like this.

If you take out a co-op card, just like a Tesco or a Sainsburys card and register it online. When you register, there is an option to select a local cause which you would like to support. If you choose FoRP, money gradually accrues to our charity. The aim is to provide a sculpture trail round the lake.

When you spend in store, 5% of selected products, usually their own brands, goes to the person spending and 1% goes to their chosen cause.

You can find the information in the  Co-op community fund projects.


If you haven’t already got a co-op loyalty card, please consider taking one out. It is a very easy process online and you can support FoRP at no extra cost.

Let`s all join the Co-op

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