Ropner Park Cafe

FoRP and Stockton Council are sharing the cost of upgrading the cafe kitchen.

The work is likely to take two weeks and will start on June 5th. It  is estimated to take two weeks

Although the kitchen will be out of action, the cafe staff are hoping to offer a service of  hot and cold drinks and ice creams during the refurbishment.    

When Ropner Park was upgraded it was never anticipated that the cafe would become such a success.

The kitchen was fitted with household kitchen units which would have been ideal for a community room. But  the cafe has developed into a busy facility which is very well appreciated by the public. Over the years FoRP has upgraded the ovens, fridges and dishwasher. Stockton Council has repaired and patched the units until they cannot be patched any more.

The old units will be taken out and new commercial units will be placed, at the same time the design and facilities will be improved. FoRP would love to be able to extend the cafe and kitchen but that does not seem possible at present.

Cafe  Opening Hours.

Midweek 10.00 – 2.00

Weekend   10.00 – 3.00

AfteAfternoon Tearnoon Teas

 Price £6.50 per person

 Reservations required

Book at the café  or ring 01642 633767

Please note 

The Friends of  Ropner Park runs the cafe as a non profit making concern and we attempt to open every day. In the summer we make a small profit but we lose money over the winter months.

The number of people visiting the cafe can be very dependent on the weather and unfortunately we cannot afford to open when there are few customers.

On the other hand the cafe will open and stay open if there is a demand.

Please be assured that we will be open for as many hours as we can.