“Bark in the Park” Dog Show September 9th

The dog chosen by Pat Hogg as the best in the shoe is on the right.

Dog Show Pistures


Tees Valley Titans brought their wheelchairs into Ropner Park on Bank Holiday Sunday.

Unfortunately the rain came down part of the way through their programme.

Titans Pictures

Members of the Baptist church came to Ropner Park on Bank Holiday Sunday and held a church service

Service pictures

It was good to see such a variety of events taking place on the Bank Holiday weekend. Ropner Park is a great venue and it is being well used.

What a Sizzler

The EID Fusion Festival on Sunday 1st. July was a scorcher. Hot,  Sunny weather brought out thousands to enjoy the event and the tranquility of Ropner Park              .Full Details


In 2017 the EID Festival featured a Mandala, an art work gradually built up by the people at the event.

Have a look at the Mandalas from  2017 and 2018.

Wonderful Summer Bedding in Ropner Park with the RAF emblem in the foreground highlighting the 100 years anniversary of the service.

Ropner Park Flower Beds

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