The Ropner Park cafe is now open for take-aways only. Staff are serving from the hatch at the rear of the building

A menu is on the cafe page.

Friends of Ropner Park are sorry to inform you that we are having to curtail our activities because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Palm Sunday Stalls, Spring and Food fair, and the EID Fusion Festival have all been cancelled as have the band concerts

Community activities

Lockdown has meant that FoRP`s normal activities have been curtailed but many of our members have been helping people in the community who are struggling at the moment. Hundreds of food parcels have been distributed. 
The needy have been identified through "Little Sprouts" and our connections with the Asian community. 
Finance has been provided by the Coop and individual donors. Morrisons have been very helpful and have given discounts on the items bought which means that our money has gone a long way to helping as many as possible.

We were optimistic that we would soon have a new family of Swans. Two cygnets hatched bot sadly both have died.
It`s not just the flowerbeds, the trees were looking fresh and bright in Sringtime .
The main drive is always a treat. Thanks to the gardeners.


Thanks to Andrew Quince of Quince technologies for updating the Friends of Ropner Park website