The Ropner Park cafe is now open for take-aways only. Staff are serving from the hatch at the rear of the building

A menu is on the cafe page.

Friends of Ropner Park are sorry to inform you that we are having to curtail our activities because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Palm Sunday Stalls, Spring and Food fair, and the EID Fusion Festival have all been cancelled as have the band concerts.

We intend to open the café for take-aways only on Wednesday 1st. July, Come and enjoy the open air, the floral displays and the fresh spring atmosphere, but please follow the self distancing guidelines.

We were optimistic that we would soon have a new family of Swans. Two cygnets hatched bot sadly both have died.
The trees are looking fresh and bright at this time of the year.
The gardeners are removing the winter plants and will soon be replanting for the summer displays

The fancy dress fun run “What a Wheeze” in aid of Asthma UK  Sunday 22nd. December. Great fun and amazing costumes.    Info & Photos

The rearranged Christmas fair took place in the Yarm road Methodist church hall on Saturday 14th December. Thank you to the volunteers and to the church members who made it possible. Although the turnout wasn`t as good as we would have liked, almost £400 was added to the funds.

Our male swan has been on his own for some months but an early Christmas present seems to have flown in. The pair have nested and two cygnets hatched, but unfortunately they both died within a few days
Photos of the Dog Show held on Sept 1st.


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